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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Failed Queries and stress.

Holla plaaaayers!
Couple of depressing things!
First off, I don't make that much money. I was supposed to get a raise, all the Store managers are in agreement that I should get the three dollar raise... right now Charlotte and I have enough money to pay for rent... pay most of our bills (but not all! ) and pay for food.
So yeah, not a starving artist by any means. I eat better than most (not more, just healthier mind you) but that being said... I'm glad I don't have any expensive habits.
Anyways, come Monday I have to convince my direct manager... the one guy dodging my raise... that I deserve that raise. I run an entire department (the highest producing department in our store mind you... yeah people take copy and print that seriously yo) while the regular manager is on mat leave till March. That being said, the guy I have to convince isn't an older, cool manager. It's a guy who is only a year older than me, and while all the other managers are laid back and describe our store as: "The fun store"
Which I agree with. My job is a blast, customers freak out at us and we're like "MKAY YOU GET A DISCOUNT" Hell, one of the first things I did upon getting there was to stop all the part timers from constantly yelling YOLO.
That being said, I hate complaining, which it seems like I'm doing. Nah, I'm just filling you in on my life Why? Because we're tight and I want you to understand everything that is at stake in my life. This is a writer's blog and I'm sure future critics of my success will want to hear about this sort of thing. Right?
Even though our money situation isn't ideal. i mean, we're surviving, but we're not suffering at least... Charlotte and I couldn't be happier. Yeah we can't afford that new couch, or fancy shit. But hey, I don't have to work in insurance, which I was making 12 dollars more an hour than I am right now before...but I was unhappy. The fact that she's going to school, in her last year, working hard, getting good grades... I'm working a job I actually enjoy and I'm able to finish a book... the fact that we're able to get by quite nicely is enough for both of us.
So yeah, I hope to make a little more money. Call me greedy, but I rather not pay rent, buy food and then be able to buy NOTHING ELSE for two weeks until my mid month paycheck comes in.

Anyway, the one query I sent out got rejected. I also got a ultra generic rejection letter. LIKE SURIOULY BROUGH DUD U KNOT UVN REED ME 5 PUGES?
I love getting generic rejections... okay so The count is at:
Three queries sent out:
1 rejection!

This is the best part of being a writer. Either way, I contacted my Canadian writer friend, Billie... hopefully she has advise about queries or any agents I could send to... God forbid I get a Canadian agents... because those exist... apparently.
Anyways, thanks for listening to my bichthing! Another chapter goes up later!

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  1. I have a seminar on the publishing industry from my writing prof, Thomas Wharton (Google him) next week. I will report my findings to you. :P