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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I'm not yet dead...again.

I did it again.
What is my excuse?
I finished Hybrid. 134,000 words! as planned. Turned out pretty awesome. Charlotte is already halfway done it! So I finished about two weeks ago... so what have I been doing since then? Well there was my trip to Toronto... I finished the new Sanderson book: "Steel Heart" I'm halfway through Name of the Wind's sequel called Wise Man's Fear... And I'm planning my next book.
I promised Charlotte and all my friends that I wouldn't go back to editing or writing for at least a few weeks, that I would take a break... writing an entire manuscript that is massive in less than two months is impressive but it consumes my life and thoughts... also I did it while working full time and running an entire goddamn department none the less.
That being said, I decided to take it slow. My current docket for future writing plans is as follows:
Ardent's Contract is the first in a series yes, it is no longer a trilogy... there will be four books. But I've said that before. The second book will be called Shadow's Gaze. or something. I don't know. The final one will be called World's Gate... the third? I unno, maybe Blade's Edge or something cheesy, it's a nickname for something that will happen in the third book SO WE'LL SEE.
That being said, with Ardent's Contract, the first book is 300,000 words. I want to wait to write the sequel when I actually have traction with it.
-So that is why I wrote Hybrid first. It is a good size, most fantasy authors debut with under 140,000 word novels.
-Next Project was called Fletcheon, a Roman era fantasy featuring a magic system that involves spirits and summoning and stuff. Combine Digimon and Rome (tv series) and you might get the right idea. This is what I was originally planning to write but I was all like...hmm...I need to know more history and more about life back in the Classical/bronze era. My friend Logan slammed some books on Roman history on my lap so that has been fun. Also I've been reading up on Germanic folklore in the Internets... (well that and Gaul, but that is beside the point) Anyways, this will be the first story I write that will have the MAIN protagonist as a female, I am super duper excited.
-Maiden, my eventual magnum opus. I plan on writing the freaken bible of this universe BEFORE the actual story. It'll be an age of sailing/colonial era epic fantasy that will be HUUUUGE. like I've drawn the world map... IT'S THE WHOLE WORLD AND IT IS HUGE. That being said, it'll draw a lot of inspiration from the real world... so the most level fantasy setting I've made... that being said, the history will make up for the fact that I blatantly have a Not-England and Not-North America... My protagonist will be a soldier, it'll be interesting, the magic system is fucking amazing but kind of dark so I don't want to spoil anything about it... This will be the project I partake only when I know I'm ready... because this will be my Way of Kings...
-Desert Mech fantasy. Not much to say on this one. I came up with the original idea in high school. That being said, a lot of the original premise can be salvaged. I will probably write this one before Maiden despite the fact that I've clearly put not as much thought into it (lately) and I'm not SUPER DUPER enthusiastic about it... yet...speaking of which...urgh.

You know how I said I was going to take a break from writing so I could edit, do research, get better at my job and...enjoy life? well...Ha. FUCK THAT.

Saturday night, I was sitting in my chair... just reading a book... a thought crossed my mind... (not exactly inspired by the book...well...not completely at least.) I had a character I did in a DnD campaign... his name is Edgar, he's an asshole. I love his concept. He's an archaeologist, no he's not Indiana Jones, go fuck yourself. Anyway, the character in DND had a build that allowed him to be all lucky and shit (he was a bard alternate build who didn't have his musical class abilities) Anyway, the concept is that he's lucky and can do a bit of magic.
So I came up with a magic system that fits into this.
So I'm going to ask the DM of that campaign tomorrow if I can use some of his characters for a novel... It'll be 95% different than his vision. I also want the other two players in the campaign to be support characters. Yes Josh, I want Milo. I'm sorry you had to find out this way, let's hang out some time, text me when you read this. Ian has already told me I can use his character. Yes I'll respect your character, although I'm still going to have him and Edgar bitch at each other.
So yeah, That happened Saturday night, since then I pretty much have half an outline done.
So fuck it. I'm going to write it as soon as possible so I can eventually move onto Fletcheon. I hope to edit and query Hybrid in the meantime. My father in law is currently editing Ardent's Contract for me...and he's liking it.. OH GOD.

Oh okay, so that is all for now. I would like to thank my little fire cracker Janel for telling me to blog. I kept putting it off because I felt guilty. or something. Also, I work with her brother now and I was like "HEY JANEL AND I ARE SUFFERING TOGETHER WITH QUERIES HA HA HA"
His response:
"Oh yeah, she likes to write or something."
Writing is equal parts oxygen AND DEADLY ARSENIC GAS for us writers... it isn't exactly always fun, but we do it for some reason.
Anyways, stay tuned kids.
I think there was something I do at the end of these...

Sorry for all the caps.

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  1. And I will continue to harass you until you blog regularily again!

    Showed this to my brother. He says you quoted him perfectly. :P