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Sunday, 1 December 2013


Not to be mistaken with Foam wars...
This is a wonderful contest that involves finding an mentor and pitching them and shit. I'm worn out and can't really write now.
Anyway, I entered. Two Mentors really stood out to me and I will talk about them in great detail. The other two I like but I am not as enthusiastic about. That being said, most of the mentors were looking for Young Adult... not adult Fantasy/Science Fiction. So I'm a minority I guess.
I would like to thank Janel for introducing it to me earlier today...AND CONSUMING THE REST OF MY DAY.
I need to sleep. The contest opened twenty minutes ago, the second they opened I sent all four emails.
Anyway, I used Hybrid in case you were wondering. I published Ardent's Contract so it would be disqualified. Plus Hybrid is a little more salable.
Here is the premise I give in my Query: LOW EFFORT POST MUCH EH?

Man may never rise, or else they be crushed completely. This is what humans are told on a daily basis as they work within the capital as slaves for the Subjectors. The metal monsters are calculating, ruthless and nearly invincible. Using their unnatural abilities, the Subjectors are able to manipulate metal and magnetize objects, powers which they’ve utilized for both killing and function. Their incredible city is built into a canyon, with hundreds of skyscrapers connected by monorails which the Subjectors ride. Man’s struggle has raged for generations now, with fewer humans willing to take up arms against both the monsters and the many humans willing to fight for them. By strapping on special boots, humans known as Grinders ride the magnetic rails in order to fight the Subjectors on their own monorails.

Barrack is the product of generations of selective breeding, he is both physically and mentally superior except for one major flaw. He has a degenerative disease that has rendered his legs nearly unusable. Normally such an obvious blemish wouldn’t be tolerated, but he distinguished himself and was the first cripple ever spared by the competitive system. Ignorant of the oppression his fellow humans face, Barrack lives a quiet life repairing the monorails.

Everything changes when Barrack is critically wounded in an accident. The Subjectors decide to save their investment, rebuilding him so that he becomes both human and machine, making him the Hybrid. The incident opens his eyes to the cruelty his kind faces, as well as awakening a power within him. With the tools available to change the world, Barrack is faced with the most difficult decision of his life. Will he continue serving masters that have favoured him? Or will he decide to fight against man’s own makers.

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